Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fun Days

The city where I live is a fun community. Yesterday the city hosted a "FUN DAY" including a breakfast, parade, carnival, Rodeo, etc. etc. Since we are new to the community, we didn't know just what to expect, but we excitedly woke up early Saturday morning, ready for a day of adventure.

First stop - pancake breakfast! My husband dropped us off cause it was his day to sleep in, and not even pancakes were takin' him away from that. So I headed off with Superman and Captain America in the double-wide stroller and set out to find the grub! We must of hit the one lull the whole morning because there were no lines anywhere! We headed towards one end of the rows and rows of pancake turners, grabbed three plates, and somehow I managed to balance pancakes, sasages, hashbrowns and eggs for three while pushing a stroller through grass - now THAT is sheer motherhood talent! Suddenly a guy talking very smoothly into a microphone came up and said, "Let's talk to this little boy here!" (Like I said, for that particular instant, we were really the only selection). He held the microphone near Superman's face while I silently thought, "Oh dear, it'll be a miracle if he talks!" Much to my surprise, Superman did whisper his name and that we were eating pancakes. I even got to say a couple words.

Our great debut was on a live AM radio staion that few were likely listening to. But the fun came when a few minutes later my cell phone rang and it was my husband. An avid AM radio fan, he just happened to be listening to that station after he dropped us off, and heard his family's two seconds of fame! So the only one that would have cared, heard us! That was really cool.

The day was a blast! Extremely sticky syruppy kids, good music, my boys first carnival ride (singular- that's all we had energy for) and cotten candy. (That stuff is SO sugary! My first time looking at it from a parenting point of view! :))

The highlight of the day was the coolest, craziest parade ever. The first part is a typical parade where Superman mastered the art of waving and looking cute at just the right moment to maximize candy thrown. The end of the parade is a MASSIVE water-fight between floats and attendees. The final "floats" are the city firetrucks where the firefighters literally hose the entire audience down! The cutest scene ever was Captain America firing away with his 3-inch, red squirtgun taking on a fire fighter with a giant hose. It was so awesome, I have never had more fun getting wet in my life.

My husband and I walked home from the parade pushing two sleeping kids, and felt very sureal, as we always do with these parent moments. But so happy with our little family and our fun day.