Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Mania

I had such a fun Memorial Day. I think today is the first Memorial Day of my life that I didn't attend a family BBQ. Ya think I'd be sad, and don't get me wrong, I love a good BBQ like anyone loves a Good BBQ, ( actually, I scored a invite to a great friend BBQ earlier in the day, so all bases covered), but really, it was SO fun to not to anything this evening except play with my husband and boys. I never get to do that! We did house projects, and let the house get totally trashed, then went to a nice Pizza place for dinner and then played in the ailses at Home Depot, and it was SO FUN.

My cute husband said the other day, "Do you realize we only have 15 more summers with Superman before he's off to college?"

That hit me like a ton-a-bricks. That's not long! Specially considering how many years its been since highschool...

I realized that there are a lot of things I want to do with my family when they are young, from camping, to climbing trees to racing down isles in shopping carts (err, in a very safe and orderly manner of course!). But honestly, nowhere on my list is having a spotless house or trying to get everyone in the family to wear decent clothes that aren't stained (my most recent obsessions). So I guess I'm going to stop fighting for those goals quite so hard. I tell you this now so that if anyone comes to visit and Captain America is wearing Superman's clothes and they don't match, and Superman's hair badlly needs to be cut and my jeans have holes and the house is a STY and you think "How can anyone ever POSSIBLY live like this?" just know that I am incredibly happy. :)

So yes, I'm spending a memorial day mourning the future loss of child going to college who hasn't yet entered preschool. But alas, I am loving these years and I sure hope they last a LOOOOOOOOONG time!!!!!

And while I'm at it, I just must add, I love my husband, and I'm glad he never has to go back to college, yahoo!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The more you try to FIT IN

What I'm trying to fit in to is a pair of jeans. Somehow in the last few weeks, my body has changed shape on me such that all pants this size seem to hug me a bit too tight. Further complicating the matter is the fact that in outgrowing this size of pants, I am entering the one size-zone that I've somehow managed to skip in all my pregnancy sizing ups and downs, and so I really can't wear anything in my current wardrobe. I'm left with two options - take two little boys clothes shopping, OR just lose the weight. The second seems by far the easier choice!

Soo, I've joined an aerobics class! It's very fun, but the point of all of this is tell about a different type of fitting in. The story goes like so...

This class rocks because you can take your little ones with you and let them roam and play while you sweat. My kids like to work out along with me, its fun to see them try to lift legs, walk backwards, etc. Provides entertainment while you work out too!

I have two sons. Superman is 3 yrs. old. Captain America is 1 1/2.

Today Superman decided he was going to play with the big boys (4 years old) roaming the aerobics class. The boys were all playing with swords and lightsavers, neither of which I've wanted to buy for Superman just yet. So, Superman found his toy hammer and ran up to the boys and tried to hammer-sword-fight with them like a true toughy. Unfortunately, the boys recognized that his weapon was a hammer, not a sword, and let him know in no uncertain terms that he wasn't welcome to play with them. (I guess they didn't realize that he can fly and has super-human strength.)

Watching this, my motherly instinct cried out to RUN over there and let those boys know that a hammer was a perfectly fine sword, and that they better play with my boy or else! Of course I couldn't do that. Superman needs to learn to be tough sometime and better now than 7th grade gym class. And if I did interfere, the boys would probably still remember it come seventh grade gym! So I refrained, and somehow it worked out. Superman played by his self for a while, and towards the end, the cute and sociable Captian America managed to get the big boys to play with them both.

Later this afternoon, we went on a bike ride with a friend to the park. The friend, Batman, is a very good bike rider. Superman has just learned this week to ride his trike, but he was very proud of his accomplishment. As soon as we saw Batman, Superman ran up to him and said, "My bike is really fast!!". Batman said, "No my bike is fast!" As we headed to the park, it became clear that Batman was the faster one. He easily could have made it around the block to the park in about 2 minutes, instead of the 30 minutes that it took Superman to carefully pedal his way. Nevertheless, Superman cheerfully insisted that his bike was "really fast" and reminded Batman to "Watch out, because there is FIRE coming out of my bike!"

As I watched Superman slowly pedaling along, I had to smile. Even though I obsess a bit about fitting in sometimes, he doesn't yet feel the need. He knows he's fast and he knows he's super. I'm so proud of him, and I hope he stays that way and mabye someday Mom will figure it out too.


I just checked my blog. I think its been about a week, yes, I stink at this stuff, but hopefully I'll get better. I had COMMENTS!! So exciting!! Except that than I feel even more bad that I haven't even turned my computer on for a whole week (is that OK to admit in a blog?) let alone responded to the niceness of those kind souls who commented on my first little blogs. But THANK YOU very much to those who read and even gave me comments! That was so nice!! Like a big, warm, homemade cookie welcom to the blogging world. Thank you! So now I just have to figure out how to respond. It can't be that hard, even for a luddite like myself (as my computer-scientist Dad used to call me - he'd be so proud that I'm figuring out how to use a computer! Sort of...) :)

Sunday, May 21, 2006


One thing that I think is MISSING in most of my other-mommy relationships is the classic sleepover! Something that is difficult to achieve these days. But recently this very thing WAS achieved among many of my friends as I was able to have some dear friends and traveling mommies stay at my house for the night. There's something about talking at two in the morning when you are too tired to think of anything witty and too out-of-t to use better judgement in what you say that can be so bonding!
I think that perhaps one of the reasons my husband and I get along so great is becasue we actaully get to have sleepovers almost every night! My kids must understand this fact too - what other reason could there be for their nearly constant fight against sleep and little - "Mommy, can't you sleep with ME tonight"s?
I had SO much fun, thank you my friends for coming!!!!!

What is a blog?

K, this is my REAL first blog (thanks for setting it up for me!). I'm joining my buds in their online realm, we'll see how it goes! Will weird people read about my life? Or normal people realize that I'm kinda weird? Sheesh! Well, I'm excited becasue I get to come up with cool code names for my kids, YES! Maybe for my husband too, this will be fun. I kinda want to be Wonder Woman... SO I will join the Brave, the Steady, the Royal, and others in the bloggin' world. Ikimashoo!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hey Everyone

This is my first post. Hello stinky world!